Welcome to the PGSIP Database

The Public Gardens as Sentinels against Invasive Plants Database is a controlled access database for public gardens in North America to share information about plant taxa that they are observing escaping from cultivation on site. The goal of maintaining the database is to collect information about plant species escaping cultivation that are not widely known to be invasive and/or are not widely available in trade. This compiled garden data can be used to inform policy decisions at public gardens, to improve plant risk assessments, and to help guide propagation research and development decisions away from taxa showing strong invasive potential.

The PGSIP Database is only directly accessible for data entry and queries to public garden staff (register to get started). The PGSIP working group will synthesize and report on data from the database to audiences outside of the public garden sector on an annual basis but will not share data in a way that is attributable to any specific garden

Gardens can prepare to enter data into the PGSIP Database by developing a Sentinel List. The minimum requirements for this list and for inclusion into the Database are taxon names and the standardized rank assigned to each taxon by the garden based on its observed behavior on site. To learn more about the ranking process, please see the PGSIP Guidelines for Listing, Categorizing and Sharing Information on Plant Taxa Spreading from Cultivation at Public Gardens in North America.

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